March 24, 2013

Project: Codecasa 50 C121

Codecasa Shipyards are proud to present the project of the new Codecasa 50 developed entirely by the in-house Style Department, headed by Domenico Gozzani.  The project of the new Codecasa 50 recalls, with the exception of a softening in the forward part of the main deck, the line of the hull of the Vintage Series.  The first unit of the new 50 which is hull C121, is already under construction for delivery scheduled in Spring 2015.  In the new Codecasa 50, however, the straight bow is combined to a more sinuous and feminine superstructure than the one on the Vintage Series and the bulwark lightens on the main deck and bridge deck levels, allowing also the inclusion of larger windows. The lightening impression with respect to the Codecasa 50 Vintage Series is also present on the Sun Deck, where the glass walled gymnasium replaces the “solid” base of the mast.  The Codecasa Shipyard Style Department was able to express its creativity and, using the same hull, to design two Yachts of the same length, but almost antithetical in the external lines: on the one hand, the rigorous profile of the 50 Vintage Series, almost austere in its masculinity, on the other hand the much more modern lines of the new 50. The only commonly shared trait between the two projects, besides the length, is the fusion of elegant simplicity and high functionality, of style and high technology, as the Yachts built by this Italian builder traditionally do.

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