March 16, 2013

Project: Majesty 155

Gulf Craft announced the start of construction for a brand new superyacht on its brand Majesty, the 155.  This announcement was made on day one of the Dubai boat show 2013.  The 155 will be Gulf Craft largest ever construction in the company’s 31 year history.  Completion and launch is expected in 2015. The announcement signals Gulf Craft to expand its size, and a trend to watch out more for the super yacht market where the company currently builds seven models over eighty feet. The Majesty 155 represents both, the degree of engineering, design and technological sophistication already achieved as well as the company’s ambitions to embark on larger, more complex projects in line with the demands of the market. Currently the largest Gulf Craft build is a triple deck 135.  The Majesty 155 is also a triple deck style super yacht.

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