July 2, 2012

Project: Dale D34

Dale from UK presents this very interesting project of the D34, which will also be featured in two other variants Nelson, and Classic to be shown here at a later stage.  The D34 is the most traditional looking of the trio in the looks department, with Down East influence captivated by a certain British line to it.  Hull shape will be a planning type, with the British building emphasising that it will bring its much 23 feet model experience and praise in this size.  Accommodation will offer a convertible berth to fore, seperate shower head, and galley.  The D34 will also be offered in an option of an enclosed, or open main deck pilot house choice.  Power is a single from 150 to 370hp, or twin 150 up to 260hp with max speed estimates with bigger engine choice being of 35 knots.

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