July 23, 2012

Powerboat Endurance - Roma Offshore Speed Race 2012 Metamarine Winner

Metamarine number 60 shows again in 2012, as it had done in pure dominance in the 2010 season that it is the powerboat to beat in this series.  Mr. Pennesi definitely has built a machine developed in a time of five, six years which showed itself again its power.
The race started at 09:45 AM with the powerboats leaving the Ostia harbour.  After a few nautical miles Magnum Marine OSG had to retire due to one engine failure soon to be followed by the other motor to have problems.  Metamarine completed the race in a couple seconds short of one hour and twenty minutes.  Searex completed the Offshore course of 135 nautical miles from Rome Ostia Yacht Marina to Ponza and back in ten minutes more to the Italian Metamarine. 
In Class C which is a back to the past return of the Supersport designation, the Italian Albatro Venice built Jolly Drive did the race in just some seconds short of one hour 35 minutes.  Jolly won the race in this category.
From here PowerYacht hopes to see the Rome Offshore Speed Race back again next year, and may be followed by a couple more similar races across the Mediterranean sea and create again a championship series.
Pos - Team - Drivers - Time
1 - Metamarine Italy - Marco Pennesi, Murizio Schepici - 1 hour 19 minutes 57.9 seconds
2 - Searex Germany - Verbanck, Greve, Podolosky - 1 hour 30 minutes 48.1 seconds
3 (1) - Jolly Drive Italy - Zanardo, Montanari, Battista - 1 hour 34 minutes 54.3 seconds (1st place in Class C i.e. Supersport Class category)
RETIRED - Magnum Marine OSG Italy - Cangiano, Sheppard, Sardellitti


  1. I am always impressed by such races and next time if any such race event occurred I would love to be a part of it.

  2. Wow amazing built a power machine developed by Mr. Pennesi great great man. After read this article I'm thinking ones try this one.

  3. It is really an awesome blend of man and machine, an these races are always test your endurance.

  4. Offshore Software Development Centre

    Amazing work on machine and built a new power machine by Mr.Pennesi. Great work sir!