July 19, 2012

Powerboat Endurance - Roma Offshore Speed Race 2012

It's good to see some interest returning in Powerboat endurance racing come back to us.  The Rome Offshore Speed Race 2012 is a huge challenge for the participants, and most of all for the event organizers, specially considering the current economic climate Europe finds itself in at the moment.  None the less the organizers managed so far to involve six participants to the race which involves a 135 nautical miles course.  The Rome Offshore Speed Race contrary to recent Endurance class races of the Evolution and Supersport classes, aims to emulate past legendary formats as the Cowes Torquay, Viareggio Bastia, Miami Nassau, and the Venezia Monte Carlo, that is of a more distant course which is a more typical of a cruise.  That is pure offshore racing at its best. Interesting is also that in the participants we have the return of a few two times World Champions; from Cangiano, to Marco Pennesi one of the latest winners in 2010, and Rizzardi a past winner in 2002 and 2003.  Again Italy has been a great supporter to this sport since the sixties, not only in participants but also in organizing an interesting event in mid Summer season.  Definitely the South Italian peninsula has made great records in the past from its designers, boat builders, engines, and drivers but continues to do so in the present and future.  I also remind that the recent very successful format of Powerboat P1 has also been started by the Italians in 2002, that championship won by Rizzardi in a Fabio Buzzi designed Diesel powered hull, which was built and designed in Italy. Same also for the recent champion in 2010 Metamarine who had full Italian stamped to it from the design, engine makers, boat builder, drivers, and propulsion units.        
Team - Drivers - Nationality
Magnum Marine OSG - Cangiano, Sheppard, Sardellitti - Italy
Searex - Verbanck, Greve, Podolsky - Germany
Metamarine - Marco Pennesi, Murizio Schepici - Italy
Jollydrive - Zanardo, Montanari, Battista - Italy
Class V63 GDF - Rizzardi - Italy

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