June 1, 2011

blogger - Fuel

Here we go again in 2011 with the fuel dilemma; blame it on the politicians, excessive taxes, or speculators but the problems remains that with oil at around one hundred US$ a barrel, diesel and petrol gas will be expensive this year. The cost of fuel in the past decade has been going up no limits touching a quadruple increase before reaching its ever 147US$ high price in 2008.  As is knowledge this effects everything from electricity and our hobby for a gas or diesel guzzling motor boat.  Oil is today responsible for about 85% of our energy resources from transport to electricity.  Yes that figure is going down but that is less to 1 per cent a year.
So what does the future hold?
There is some interesting fuel technology coming up which I do like to share with you from Algae to solar capturing technology which in the future might make a big deal of change to the energy industry.  An interesting technology I came across recently is a US company called Joule Unlimited who say they can produce diesel with a bug, CO2, and solar capturing technology.  There production will start at the end of this year and it is also interesting because it does not use food as for example Ethanol or other Bio Diesel products.  Another interesting company is LS9 who can produce same as most of today used fuel from renewable sugar.   Surely both these technology look to good to be true but I do suggest to Google around and interesting is that they say can produce it at sub fifty dollars per barrel.
Yes may be these technologies web sites will present a miraculous solution to the current fuel problem, but I am today more then yesterday a believer that the current decade will mark a big change to the energy industry.  Let's hope for the better!  But think how communications evolved from 2000 to 2010, and today with a phone less the size of your hand you have Internet, TV, GPS and much more. Surely unbelievable a decade ago!

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