January 16, 2011

Improve-it = Pershing 115

Hull Number nine of the 35 metre 115 model, flagship of Pershing a brand of the Ferretti Group which is among the main international producers of high performance open motor yachts of 15 to 35 metres, launched on the 12th January at Marina dei Cesari in Fano. The official launching ceremony of Pershing 115 was carried out in the presence of the company management, the ship owner’s representative, and the main local authorities. Pershing 115 is a super sport yacht representing an authentic stylistic evolution, characterized by tortuous but decisive external lines with extraordinary performance. Realized through the collaboration of the staff of Pershing, architect Fulvio De Simoni, Advanced Yacht Technology, and Centro Stile of the Ferretti Group team of architects and designers. Since launched in 2004 Pershing 115 has won good acknowledgments as it best embodied the style of the brand in terms of the richness of detail, the use of valuable materials and innovation in the external shape which creates new spaces below deck. The flagship of the Pershing fleet boasts of four cabins; owner suite and three guest suites, which can sleep a total of nine people, and three crew rooms with five beds. A distinctive feature of every Pershing 115 is the personalisation that contributes in making the flagship of the fleet a unique product, varying from one model to another and which can be customized according to the owner’s needs. Particularly, the latest hull nine model distinguishes itself for its shiny white pearl coloured hull, a distinctive feature of the new Pershing models, donating luminosity and Energy to the vessel profile. Inside, the main hall has been renovated up to the finest details but its characteristic layout with a banded coal French window at the stern, which separates the cockpit from the main hall, has been kept. The large cockpit itself, which is about 24 metres squared, is even more spacious and enjoyable, both during the day and in the evening, with its vast covered area made unique by its lateral carbon fittings and seating, a teak table for 10 people, a bar, a large solarium and, for the first time, a 32” in-built TV placed on the ceiling on the left. The upper sun deck, an independent and functional area where one can make the best out of moments of relaxation, is also equipped with an innovative dash board and a wide seating space in-built in a comfortable piece of furniture, with an in-built ice box and four chaise lounge facing the stern. Among these structural innovations, which required the specific support of the Pershing technical staff, it is worth mentioning the highly innovative entertainment and domotic system, which once again highlights the constant commitment of the brand to offer forefront products. In fact, this vessel is equipped with a centralized audio and visual system that can be managed by a “touch panel” with AMX technology and it can be integrated with the installation of a “Kaleidoscape” system which archives music and dvds like in a library. Moreover, the system actively controls, through the same touch panel, the Lutron light system, electrical curtains, air conditioning and a closed-circuit video camera system, which makes it possible to watch the onboard nautical maps and the bridge radar routes on the dash board. Finally, on this vessel there is an onboard monitoring system for parameters such as the closure of the porthole and the external doors, the tension level of the batteries and the smoke detector. Pershing 115 hull number nine is powered by two MTUs which total 7400hp with the applied thrust of the two Kamewa Rolls Royce water-jet propellers with a maximum velocity of about 38 knots. A unique characteristic of this mega yacht is the presence of a Vericor TF50 gas turbine, typically used in the aeronautical sector, capable of developing a power of over 5100 hp, with a central water-jet propeller propulsion. Its use requires specific accessories and mechanical parts and technologies that are integrated within the system which includes, for example, the titanium drain, the axis and the reducer. A big merit of this set up is its silence and the absence of vibrations up to the maximum velocity of 52 knots. www.pershing-yacht.com

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