April 17, 2009

Projects: Shearline 52 Sportfish, Shearline 57 Sportfish

North Carolina custom boat builder Shearline, after having a taste of big boat building with its 2008 launched 61 Sportfish fully custom flagship, built in cold molding gives more of this to its estimated clientele. In fact the year 2009 will see Shearline commissioning two new Sportfish yachts builds going over the fifty feet barrier. The first of this is the Shearline 52 Sportfish, representing similar Carolina lines to the bigger flagship, but in an eight feet smaller package. The 57 Sportfish is the second project from Shearline, and is built to custom order as all the fourteen boat range from 18 up to 61 feet from this US East Coast builder. The 57 Sportfish represents another important step for big custom boat building recognition and more future ambitions as started last year with the launching of the 61 feet flagship. As all the Shearline range, the 57 is also built using cold molding construction technique, meaning a lighter and stronger build method, but also a time tiring method only good for passionate and custom builders. I imagine both the new Shealines to be pretty fast but so far not much details are provided. Still these are all custom builds and many changes can be made in design stages to accommodate ones taste, think of it this way the 61, did 45 knots with not so big engines for its category. So accept something along these lines from the new two big Shearlines both to be launched later on this year.

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