April 15, 2009

Project: Italian Yachts 72 Jaguar

Design, a sporty, stylish, powerful and comfortable Sport Yacht. These are the characteristics Italian Yachts asked to architect Roberto Angel for the project of the 72 Jaguar. Based on the philosophy of a high performance hull, four possible power options are available from the smaller 1500hp up to 1800hp twin MTU engines, and Arneson or Sea Rex surface drives. Roberto Angel transformed the requested philosophy into simple geometric shapes that enhance the aerodynamics of the deckhouse, while at the same time not staying away from the Jaguar open tradition. The Jaguar 72 project maintains a family feeling in a new emphasis on the sporty soul of the Italian Yachts brand. Exterior lines are clean and essential with large elliptical windows favoring plenty of natural light into interior spaces. Lateral side passageways favor continuity fore to aft of the deck, enabling the perception of a uniform outer environment. Forward, is a solution that is more unique than original, a central sunpad and modular seating to accommodate numerous guests. As on the 80 Jaguar, the 72 first presented as a 70 feet project maintains a sober style, with a uniform look seen trough the Italian Yachts range following a great care for quality and finishing of the complete product.

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