May 28, 2012

INBUILD ~ Galeon 430 HTC Part 3 of 5

Galeon 430 HTC continues its construction journey to completion.  In the first two chapters of this journey of the 430 HTC we showed the model into its moulding phase. As you can see in this latest picture, the 430 HTC starts looking more as a completed boat, even more so in this photo, see side safety railing installed.   We can say that the outer main shell of the 430 HTC is done, now is just to finish the job to its perfection which a high standard sport cruiser has to have, and install the pieces which make the boat.  A long journey especially in hull one, when the things start coming more together in reference to the design ideas showed on plans. An interesting detail of the 430 HTC which also comes from bigger Galeon, or yachts is the indifference it shows between the connection of the lower and upper structure in the aft part.  The Galeon 430 HTC actually looks as to be made all in one piece from aft thanks to seamless moulding between the structures, which then develops to a stainless steel rub rail.  

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