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October 22, 2023

Coronet New Web Site

Coronet presents its new web site.  Founded in 1951 by Botveld in Denmark, Coronet first model was the 18 Hardtop Sedan debuting in 1956 to a design of Richard C.Cole, produced in two other versions this five meter cabin cruiser will sell 483 units in a nine year production run.  Coronet became a global boating name in the sixties and seventies for a few reasons with the most important being that the Danish production boat builder models where used to test, and then the first to commercialize the Volvo Aquamatic stern drive on its boats, with the 20 Explorer debuting the new inboard-outboard propulsion system.  The other is Coronet's 21 Day Cruiser designed by the famous Jim Wynn and Walt Walters combo, this model debuting in 1965 became an instant classic and sold 1406 plus another 505 hulls in the other Playmate, Sunrunner, and Explorer II variants.  Coronet had other models selling one thousand plus units with the 20/21/22 Explorer from 1959 to 65 selling 1480, and the 24 De Luxe/Cabin produced in 875 hulls plus another 1217 in the five other variants.  Unknown to many is that Coronet also tried its luck in sail boats building two models, the nine meter LA Cruiser produced from 1958 to 67 and the 38 Elvstrom from 1974 to 86.  With a fame for seaworthiness Coronet got also to build patrol boats for the army, customs, navy, police authorities all over the World, delivering over five hundred units from 1964 to 79 of the 21, 24, 27, and 30 Wynn-Walters designed deep-Vee hull models.  Coronet will expand till the seventies with a decline starting in the end of that decade, and an ownership change happening in the eighties.  Coronet will close in 1992 when it was producing four models from 24 to the 45 feet 450 Fly flagship, which is the Danish largest build to date. From 1993 to 2005 Coronet disappeared returning again for the three year 2006 to 2009 Tuco ownership who reoffered the 240 Day Cruiser and two new 290 models debuting in 2008, with a project for a 35 footer which never materialized.  In 2020 Coronet returned with a new ownership headed by Pal Thore Krosby, who debuted the new 35 Suncruiser model in the fall of 2022, as designed by chief designer Andreas Lind.  Coronet new website is available in Danish, Norwegian, and English language and takes you around with the following buttons; Home, About the Boat, Equipment, About Us, and Contact Us.  Coronet is also on social media with buttons on the bottom of the page taking you to its Facebook and Instagram pages.
Production History;
18 Hardtop Sedan 1956-59 (483 all three versions)
16 Hardtop Convertible 1957-58 (111 both versions)
20 Explorer 1959-60 (1480 includes 21/22 Explorer) *first in the World to debut Volvo Aquamatic stern drive
18 Sedan 1959-65 (483 all three versions)
16 Convertible 1959-61 (111 both versions)
21 Explorer 1959-60 (1480 includes 20/22 Explorer)
18 Runabout 1961-65 (483 all three versions)
18 Viking 1961-65 (312)
22 Explorer 1961-65 (1480 includes 20/21 Explorer)
22 Runabout 1962 (4)
26 Seafarer 1962
Wynn-Mill 5,50m 1962-65
27 Seafarer 1963-67
24 De Luxe / Cabin 1964-68/73 (455/420)
21 Day Cruiser 1965-77 (1406)
21 Explorer II 1965-68 (362)
30 Oceanfarer 1966-68 (112)
24 Weekender 1967-69 (221)
27 Seafarer.ii 1968-75 (426)
24 Flybridge 1968-71 (59)
21 Playmate 1969-73 (120)
32 Oceanfarer 1969-79 (483)
24 Family 1970-75 (445)
33 Houseboat 1970-74 (33)
24 Midi 1971-78 (449)
17 Runabout 1971-74 (631)
24 Family Flybridge 1972-75 (43)
32 Deep Sea 1972-78 (138)
31 Aft Cabin 1973-86 (148)
44 Yacht 1973-77 (15)
31 Seafarer 1974-78 (100+-)
26 Family 1975-78 (264)
26 Family Flybridge 1975-76 (8)
22 Sport 1976-80 (155)
22 Day Cruiser 1978-85 (179)
26 Family Sport 1978-80 (151)
38 Commander 1978-87 (18)
32 Sedan Flybridge 1979-87 (38)
32 Oceanfarer Wing 1980-88 (27)
21 Sunrunner 1981-86 (23)
26 Family De Luxe 1981-85 (30)
38 Mediterranean 1981-86 
26 Silver Spur 1985-87
22/230 Silver Sun 1985-89 (14)
33 Silver Star 1985-90
42 Silver Squire 1985-90
270 Family 1987-91 
280 Fly 1988-92
240 Day Cruiser 1990-92,2006-08
350 Day Cruiser 1991-92
450 Fly 1991-92
290 Sport 2008
290 Weekend 2008
35 Suncruiser 2022-
Coronet 21 Daycruiser 1965-77 / 1406 units made

January 26, 2023

New Model: Coronet 35 Suncruiser

The iconic Danish Coronet is back!  I fully agree with this statement since in my young years I grew up surrounded by Coronets most notably the top selling 21 Daycruiser model, which had hull designed by Walt Walters and Jim Wynn, the designers famous for creating the Don Aronow hulls as used on the Cigarette-Donzi-Magnum.  The Coronet 21 sold a staggering 1406 units in the Daycruiser version in a twelve year production run, plus another 505 hulls in the three other; Playmate, Sunrunner, and Explororer II versions which used the same hull.  Not known to many today is that Coronet was the name in putting the deep Vee hull on the map and attention in Northern Europe.  Unlike 2008, when Coronet made a small comeback with the 290 Sport and Weekend models, this new 35 Suncruiser is respectful to the Danish builder past and its most legendary 21 Daycruiser model.  Welcome back Coronet!  
Technical Data:
LOA - 10.50 m (35ft)
Beam - 3.30 m
Draft - 1.05 m including drives
Displacement - 3.4 t
Fuel Capacity - 400 l
Water Capacity - 100 l
Accommodation - four berths in a two plus two layout
Engines - 1 x Mercruiser 4.3l Mag 430hp, Volvo 8.2l 430hp, D6 370 hp*, D6 440hp*, 
2 x Mercruiser 6.2l V8 350hp, *diesel power
Propulsion - Mercruiser bravo, or Volvo DPS or DPI dual propeller stern drive
Speed - fifty knots max with twin Mercuiser 350hp, 38 knots with Volvo 370hp
Project - Andreas Lind
Certification - CE

March 6, 2009

Project: Coronet 350 Weekend

The new Coronet 350 Weekend which is to be the new flagship from the Danish builder signals a modern timeless design but also a keeping with smaller models of the range in particular the latest release the 290. It will also ensure recognisable looks to the old legendary Coronet models in the hull lines, and similar to the new ones with the upper structure. Coronets want to perceive the new model as having an exclusive look to the range, presenting a modern retro touched all weather hard top sport cruiser developed on the concept of the 290 Weekend. So far little details are available but we know that it will be a twin engined with stern drive propulsion. The cockpit aft deck will also offer a clever layout as seen on the 290 with an l-shaped settee all covered under the hard top, and a small sun lounger aft.

January 20, 2009

New Model: Coronet 290 Weekender

A legendary builder return, this is the Norwegian Coronet having had a glorious past in the 1970s. Coronet which was founded in 1951 reappeared in 2006 first offering a 24 feet model, then the 290 Sport, and the past Spring came up with this new 290 Weekender, its largest offer in the current range. The Coronet 290 Weekender is a very interesting sport cruiser, with a nice modern line and solutions found in bigger sized sport cruisers. The hardtop is to good to be true for an 8 metre sports cruiser, being great looking for this size with a clean design and no hump effect on the eye. Another impressive clean solution is the walk through windshield in the windscreen which you hardly notice, and the large window flash fitted on the also stylish flash deck. Worth to note is that a US builder reported as being the only one to offer a walk trough windshield on an enclosed hard top on its much bigger model, I think they forgot to look out of the US for this! 290 Weekender interior offers a comfortable double vee shaped berth to fore, a separate head and a galley. The cockpit is also spacious reminiscent of a much bigger boat offering a sun lounger aft, l-shaped settee, wetbar with tub grill, and single seated helm station to starboard. Estimated performance is a 45 knots top speed with single Volvo D4 260hp engine, which I think is a bit optimistic. This so far seems the only engine option which will give excellent economy, but will also limit the market to new comers and coastal cruisers, then to those who passing from a smaller boat with want the security and safety twin engines give.
Technical Data:
LOA - 8.75 m (29.1ft)
Beam - 2.82 m
Draft - 0.98 m
Displacement - 3900 kg
Fuel Capacity - 390 l
Water Capacity - 85 l
Accommodation - 2 + 2 berths
Engine - 1 x Volvo D4 260 hp
Speed - 45 knots max, 32 knots cruising