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July 15, 2018

Chris-Craft New Web Site

Chris-Craft one of the most famous and long standing pleasure boat builders presents its new virtual World wide web showroom.  Chris-Craft started its operations in Michigan 1874 when Christopher Columbus Smith built his first boat at the age of thirteen.  Christopher Smith built boats referred to as Skiffs or Punts, and with growing success Chris joins force with his brother Hank in 1881 to go on full time in this job.  In 1910 the Smith Ryan Boat Company is started which focuses in building economic runabouts, in 1922 this becomes the Chris Smith and Sons, and 1927 is reorganized as Chris-Craft and known at that day as the biggest World wide boat builder.  1939 marks the death of founder Chris Smith.  In 1941 Chris-Craft builds patrol boats, utility launches, and rescue vessel for the United States Army and Navy to use in World War Two.  The war is over and in 1950 Chris-Craft goes back to pleasure boat building offering an impressive catalogue of 139 models.  Five years later to this Chris-Craft builds the first fiberglass boat.  1971 marks the end of the mahogany Chris-Craft era with the last delivery being a 57 Constellation model.  Seventeen years after this a succession of different owners marks the history of Chris-Craft, starting in 1988 sold to George Dale Murray, and a year later to OMC Corporation.  In 2000 OMC files for Bankruptcy and shuts down operation, which leads to 2001 when Stellican Ltd resume boat building, and a new line up of models.  In 2018 Chris Craft was sold to Winnebago Industries.  Today Chris-Craft builds seventeen models in seven different series; Capri, Carina, Corsair, Launch, Calypso, Catalina and Commander from 21 to 44 feet.  The entry level Chris-Craft is the 21 Capri, and the flagship is the Italian build 44 Commander.  Chris-Craft new web-site takes you around with the following buttons; Models, Build Yours, Request, News and Events, Our Story, Dealers, Pre-owned, Store, and Contact Us .  Chris-Craft is also present on the social network hubs on Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter, Linkedin, and Youtube with links for these pages featured at the bottom of the page.
Production History;
35-foot Cruiser 1954 (22) *includes 35 Sport Fisherman
Cobra 18ft 1955 (51)
Cobra 21ft 1955 (55)
35-foot Sport Fisherman 1954 (22) includes 35 Cruiser
57 Constellation 1955-72 *last wooden boat build
38 Commander Express 1964-72 (284)
27 Commander 1965-70 (535)
38 Sedan 1965-72 (238)
38 Sport Fisherman 1965-72 (70)
27 Sports Express 1966-69 (195)
31 Commander Express 1966-75 (542) 
47 Commander Aft Cabin 1966-76 (233)
47 Commander Fisherman Cockpit 1966-76 (20)
42 Commander 1967-72 (191)
31 Sports Express/Sports Cruiser 1967/72-74 (410)
23 Commander 1968-89 (115)
35 Commander Express 1968-72 (222)
19 Commander 1969 (101)
60 Commander 1969-70 (9)
31 Sedan 1969-72 (158)
35 Sports Cruiser 1969-72 (164)
XK-19 1970-74 (276)
55 Commander 1970-77 (43)
35 Salon 1971-72 (25)
28 Sports Express 1971-73 (75)
41 Commander 1972-77 (151)
45 Commander Flush Deck 1972-77 (63)
45 Tournament Fisherman 1972-77 (59)
450 Commander 1972-81 (75+-)
410 Commander 1972-87 (400+-)
36 Sports Cruiser/Tournament Fisherman 1973-77 (133)
451 Commander 1973-81 (100+-)
360 Commander 1973-86 (300+-)
30 Tournament Fisherman 1975-77 (253)
42 Tournament Fisherman 1975-77 (41)
420/421 Commander 1975-82 (80)
30 Sportsman 1976-77 (46)
280/281 Catalina 1977-86
291 Catalina Bridge 1977-86
262 Corinthian 1981-83
332 Commander 1981-87 (100+-)
333 Commander 1981-87 (200+-)
336 Commander 1983-87 (150+-)
422 Commander 1983-90 (50+-)
316 Commander 1984 (15)
337 Commander 1984 (25)
365 Commander 1984 (5)
268 Commander 1984-85 (100+-)
460 Constellation 1984-88 (30)
500 Constellation 1984-88 (73)
315 Commander 1984-90 (250+-)
282 Commander 1985-86 (100+-)
382 Commander 1985-87 
482 Commander 1985-88 (50+-)
480 Corinthian/Catalina 1985/87-89
338 Commander 1986 (25)
Constellation 501 1986-91 (40)
580 Commander 1987-88 (2)
412 Amerosport/400 Express Cruiser 1987/90-91
392 Commander 1988-90
370 Amerosport/360 Express 1988/90-92
502 Commander 1989 (3)
28 Corsair 2001-17
25 Corsair 2004-17
43/40 Roamer 2003/05-08
36 Corsair 2005-19
32 Launch 2013-19
36 Corsair Hard-top 2013-19
36 Launch 2014-18
44 Commander 2016-19
27 Corsair 2018-20
38 Launch 2018-20

June 22, 2018

New Model: Chris-Craft 38 Launch

The launch boat fashion is certainly in full swing in recent years with offers in the segment becoming bigger and more versatile then ever.  Chris-Craft new 38 Launch line flagship is one of those versatile offers, a sport cruiser which can feel at ease as a day boat, a Villa or a super yacht tender, and or as a weekender thanks to its lower deck five berth accommodation.  Versatility is also in in the power options available for the Chris-Craft 38 Launch being offered in a total of ten choices, from petrol to diesel, and propulsion sets ups of twin stern-drives and the always growing in popularity outboards which here is also available in a triple Yamaha engine high performance option.  
Technical Data:
LOA - 11.63 m (38.2ft)
Hull Length - 11.05 m
Waterline Length - 9.06 m
Beam - 3.81 m
Draft - 0.78 m
Displacement - 7257 kg dry
Fuel Capacity - 1037 l
Water Capacity - 189 l
Accommodation - five berths
Max Persons - 15
Engines - 2 x Volvo V8 6.2l Evc 380hp, 6.2l Evc 420hp, Diesel D6 370hp, D6 400hp
Propulsion - Volvo dual propeller DP stern drives

October 4, 2016

New Model: Chris Craft 42 Commander

Chris Craft presents its new 42 Commander model.  A back in time return for Chris Craft with this new model, first for the Commander name which resurfaces after over four decades, and second for the Italian-American collaboration which this model brings again. As some of you might have noticed the Chris Craft 42 Commander is very much based on the Austin Parker 42 designed by Fulvio de Simoni and launched in 2009 by the Italian builder. But the Chris Craft 42 Commander is not just a new badge Austin Parker, looking skin deep it is more.  For example apart being powered by IPS pod drives an option previously unavailable on the Austin Parker, the Chris Craft 42 Commander also features a new interior with a guest three berth cabin located at midships.    
Technical Data:
LOA - 12.50 m (41.1ft) 
Beam - 3.96 m
Displacement - 13 t loaded, 10 t empty
Fuel Capacity - 1400 l
Water Capacity - 300 l
Accommodation - 2 berths in 1 cabin, 4 berths in 2 cabins
Engines - 2 x Volvo D6 435hp
Propulsion - Volvo IPS600 forward looking dual propeller pod drives
Speed - 34 knots max, 30 knots cruise
Construction - infusion method with vinilester resin
Design - Fulvio De Simoni
Certification - CE A

December 17, 2013

Project: Chris-Craft 36 Launch

Its an interesting time for Chris-Craft which seem to have gathered a huge following with its latest quality looking models of sports boats and cruiser.  Now the long standing US builder presents a project based on its currently produced largest 36 feet hull.  The 36 Launch adds to the Corsair, European Edition, and the recently released Hard Top.  Unlike the latest 36 Corsair Hard Top the Launch goes opposite direction and is a mostly day use dedicated cruiser.  The 36 Launch features an exterior to enjoy from bow to stern with an easy walk around passage-way, and a clever layout featuring interesting design choices; from a very nice C-shaped dinette to aft, settee on the bow tip, large fore deck sun-pad, and the nice and large wet bar behind the three seats center console. But do not be mistaken by the all space outside as the interior of the 36 Launch still offers sleeping accommodation for five inside; large double berth to fore, and three berths amidships which are joined by a spacious shower head.   

November 25, 2013

New Model: Chris-Craft 36 Corsair Hard Top

This new Chris-Craft 36 Corsair Hard Top is the third style to come from this since 2003 produced hull in this long standing builder fleet.  The Hard Top adds up to the standard 36 Corsair, and the European Edition with different cockpit presented last year. The Chris-Craft 36 Corsair Hard Top is the most cruiser friendly and as the title say presents a covered area for the outside which covers 80% of the exterior cockpit deck. The deck layout of the Hard Top follows that of the standard Corsair model with two L-shaped lounging settees to aft, and double port and starboard forward facing passenger and helmsman seats.  Below the 36 Corsair sleeps four persons in a convertible Vee saloon which converts to a double berth to fore, and a separate cabin with a double bed to aft.  A galley and separate shower head is featured in the middle of the cabin area. Six different petrol gas and diesel engine choices are on offer for the 36 Corsair Hard Top.  The power start with the least powerful being a Volvo 330hp diesel, and the largest choice a 420hp petrol gas again from the Sweden engine builder. 
Technical Data:
LOA - 11.63 m (38.2ft)
Hull Length - 11.05 m
Waterline Length - 9.06 m
Beam - 3.81 m
Draft - 0.78 m
Displacement - 7257 kg dry
Fuel Capacity - 1083 l
Water Capacity - 189 l
Accommodation - 4 berths
Engines - Gas Petrol 2 x Volvo 8.1L GI EVC 375hp, GiC 400hp, Gxi EVC 420hp, Mercruiser 8.2L DTS 380hp, Diesel 2 x Volvo D6 330hp, D6 370hp
Propulsion - Volvo or Mercury dual propeller stern drive
Certification - NMMA, ABYC, USCG   

October 1, 2012

Project: Chris-Craft 36 Corsair Hard Top

A third version for the 36 Corsair this is in short the description of the upcoming Hard Top version.  Following on the recent aft sun pad and central cockpit European Edition, Chris-Craft creates another versatile 36 Corsair Hard Top.  Made for boaters who like that protection from the elements, and more all year round boating.  This new 36 Corsair Hard Top so far features an aft deck layout as the standard version with two L-shaped settees, central passage way to and from bathing platform, wet bar, and two helm and co-pilot seats.   Inside the sleeping four layout with separate midships cabin, shower head, and galley.  Custom choices and wood trims are also part of the Chris-Craft 36 Corsair. Six engine choices are available from Volvo diesels of 330 or 370hp or gas petrol up to 400.

August 28, 2012

New Model: Chris-Craft 36 Corsair European Edition

Chris-Craft presents its new European edition of the 36 Corsair which apart its detail deck revamp see new skylight, higher front windshield will also feature a new deck design more made for the European client.  This new deck design offers two sun pads to the sides, and a C-shaped settee behind the helm and co-pilot seats.  Another new feature the extended bathing platform which with three steps which lead to the the central passage way.  Inside the 36 Corsair can sleep four persons in a convertible Vee berth to fore, and a separate cabin to midships.  There is also a separate shower head, and galley in the cabins entrance. Six engine options are offered on the 36 Corsair European Edition from gas petrol Volvo 375 up to 420hp, with 330 or 370hp Diesel choices.
Technical Data:
LOA - 11.63 m (38.2ft)
Hull Length - 11.05 m
Waterline Length - 9.06 m
Beam - 3.80 m
Draft - 0.78 m incl drives and props
Displacement - 7257 kg loaded
Fuel Capacity - 1083 l
Water Capacity - 189 l
Accommodation - 2 + 2 berths
Engines - 2 x Volvo 8.1L Gi EVC 375hp, 8.1 L GIC 400hp, 8.1L GXi 420hp, Mercruiser 8.2L DTS 380hp petrol gas, Volvo D6 330hp, D6 370hp diesel
Propulsion - Volvo or Mercruiser dual propeller stern drives
Speed - 41 knots max with Volvo 420hp choice, 40 knots max 32 knots cruise with Volvo 370hp diesel
Range - 232 nm at 25 knots and petrol gas Volvo 420hp engines  
Hull Type - modified deep Vee with 14 degrees deadrise aft, 20 deg to midships
Construction - Vinilester resin barrier coat, Gelcoat exterior, Teak decking
Certification - ABYC, USCG, NMMA, CE

January 31, 2012

Project: Chris-Craft 36 Corsair

Chris Craft revise what it is at the moment there largest model the 36 Corsair, although a bigger 45 feet flagship was announced a few years back by the known long standing US boat builder.  The new 36 Corsair will be offered in two versions; the Open Edition as pictured above, and European Edition.  These versions are different for the layout of the aft deck, the Open offering two L-shaped settees with central entrance patio door, and the European a walk over sunpad.  The Open being obviously the most practical and the European more sexy. But the European version does also feature a C-shaped settee front of the sunpad, to make lounging easy.  Inside the 36 Corsair will also offer some layout choice plans in the four berth area, and in the V-shaped convertible dinette also offered in a fixed double berth replacement option.  A second separate good spaced twin berth cabin is located to midships.  The 36 Corsair also features a spacious shower head located to starboard opposite the galley. Engines have not yet been announced for the new 36 Corsair but expect these to be similar as the previous version, and I hope they do feature more diesel engine options instead of the only twin Volvo D6 choice.

January 3, 2012

Project: Chris-Craft 32 Launch

Chris-Craft will introduce the newest member the Launch family at the Miami International Boat Show, coming February 2012.  The 32 Launch is the newest largerst member of this Chris-Craft family which features four other models from twenty to 28 feet. The Launch 32 offers an ample aft sunbed, sleep-in cabin for two, and convenient head.  Sleek proportions and practical configuration make the 32 Launch well-suited to long excursions but still remains practical for champagne cruises.  Power choices are not yet advised.

March 2, 2010

Improve-it = Chris-Craft 28 Corsair

Chris-Craft present an update to its successful 28 Corsair cuddy cabin model. First introduced nine years ago, the 28 Corsair has been improved and refined to become the fun weekend runabout for 2010. Boasting additional teak surfaces on the front deck and motor hatch areas, and full U-shaped aft cockpit seating this craft provides plenty of lounging options. The cuddy cabin entrance has been improved with larger openings, teak-louvered doors, and a flip-up hatch on self-supporting hinges to add headroom at the entrance. The interior of the cabin has also been updated with a new flush glass vent hatch that provides plenty of additional natural light and cabin ventilation. All new fabrics and additional wood accents round out the cabin’s upscale improvements.

February 10, 2010

Improve-it = Chris-Craft 25 Corsair

Chris-Craft presents a rich update improvement to its 25 Corsair model. The 25 Corsair is the second small in size of this timeless sport boat with overnight accommodation range. Chris-Craft decided to spice up the 25 Corsair and making it as classy looking as ever, by adding teak wood outside, and extended the bathing platform aft. The teak is in fact featured on all the deck, including the sides, fore, and aft. Chris-Craft also upgraded the seats of the 25 Corsair to more luxurious looks and feel. Surely the unique feature which made the 25 Corsair classy looking are still here like its automobile style windshield, and the deep vee twenty degrees hull. In its small cuddy cabin below the 25 Corsair offers a double berth, and a portable head. Not bad for such a sleek sport boat. Standard power is from a single Volvo or Mercury power, with petrol or diesel choices starting from 260hp up to 425hp.

March 27, 2009

Project: Chris-Craft 45 Corsair

The 45 Corsair, is Chris-Craft latest project for a new flagship and is scheduled for official presentation in 2010, and is a natural extension of this historic builder most iconic runabout range. The 45 Corsair, will also offer many innovative features for this range like Volvo IPS technology, a fiberglass hardtop with electric glass roof, and other interesting design elements. Chris-Craft also say that customers can choose between two interior accommodation plans to fit their lifestyle, with a two or three cabin option. Other interesting points are the unique Corsair product quality, styling and features which also adds to this new model exclusive design and size dimension. The 45 Corsair will also have optional aft cockpit enclosure in stainless steel and glass, which can be added with an enclosed cockpit helm area entertainment features. There is also options for a hydraulic swim platform, and hydraulic gang way. Propelled by Volvo forward looking IPS 600 pod drives, having 435hp each the new Chris-Craft flagship is a very important step to this builders range offering exclusive classic sport lines with a European touch for comfort and a unique concept of classiness with all round accommodation.