July 15, 2018

Web: Chris-Craft New Web Site

Chris-Craft one of the most famous and long standing pleasure boat builders presents its new virtual World wide web showroom.  Chris-Craft started its operations in Michigan 1874 when Christopher Columbus Smith built his first boat at the age of thirteen.  Christopher Smith built boats where referred to as Skiffs or Punts, and with growing success Chris joins force with his brother Hank in 1881 to go on full time in this job.  In 1910 the Smith Ryan Boat Company is started which focuses in building economic runabouts, in 1922 this becomes the Chris Smith and Sons, and 1927 is reorganized as Chris-Craft and known at that day as the biggest World wide boat builder.  1939 marks the death of founder Chris Smith.  In 1941 Chris-Craft builds patrol boats, utility launches, and rescue vessel for the United States Army and Navy to use in World War Two.  The war is over and in 1950 Chris-Craft goes back to pleasure boat building offering an impressive catalog of 139 models.  Five years later to this Chris-Craft builds the first fiberglass boat.  1971 marks the end of the mahogany Chris-Craft era with the last delivery being a 57 Constellation model.  Seventeen years to this a succession of different owners marks the history of Chris-Craft, starting in 1988 sold to George Dale Murray, and a year later to OMC Corporation.  In 2000 OMC files for Bankruptcy and shuts down operation, which leads to 2001 when Stellican Ltd resume boat building, and a new line up of models.  In 2018 Chris Craft was sold to Winnebago Industries.  Today Chris-Craft builds seventeen models in seven different series; Capri, Carina, Corsair, Launch, Calypso, Catalina and Commander from 21 to 44 feet.  The entry level Chris-Craft is the 21 Capri, and the flagship is the Italian build 44 Commander.  Chris-Craft new web-site takes you around with the following buttons; Models, Build Yours, Request, News and Events, Our Story, Dealers, Pre-owned, Store, and Contact Us .  Chris-Craft is also present on the social network hubs on Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter, Linkedin, and Youtube with links for these pages featured at the bottom of the page.

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