April 18, 2022

Yacht Destroyed by Fire in Saint-Mandrier, One Person Lost

A 23 meter motor yacht titled Lady Amethyst with Austrian flag and four persons onboard went ablaze on 0200 hours of 17 April in Port Pin Roland, Saint-Mandrier, near Toulon.  Immediate the reaction of the fire fighting squad which committed the resources of 55 fire fighters, four fire engines, two ambulances, and one SNSM ship.  After saving three of the four Austrian crew, the second course of action was to isolate the yacht in order to not ignite nearby yachts.  The operation to extinguish the flames took about ten hours, with the yacht a total wreck after the fire.  The saved three crew members needed to be hospitalised for de-intoxication with a fourth crew member being reported lost as at 18 April.  No pollution was reported with a plan to remove the wreck on 20 April.  M/y Lady Amethyst arrived in Port Pin Roland on the evening of 15 April, which was also the day the yacht completed its sale from a French to the new Austrian owner.
Motor yacht Lady Amethyst is a Conam 75 Wide Body.  Produced from 2003 up to 2010 the 75 Wide Body was Conam largest ever build, and followed the use of a full wide body design Giuseppe Cimino owner and founder of the Naples boat builder pioneered to his flybridge boats with the 48 Chorum in 1990.  Thanks to the wide body the Conam 75 offers spaces usually found on yachts three to five meters larger.  About ten 75 Wide Body have been build up to 2010.
Conam was founded in 1980 by engineer Giuseppe Cimino with help from cousin Luigi in Naples, Italy.  In 2002 Cimino sells Conam to ship builder Gruppo Rodriguez, who closes the yacht company in 2010.  In 2015 Cimino founded Solaria with the launch of a 40 model and a 54 in project stages.

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