April 21, 2022

Princess Runs Aground in Oslofjord Norway

A Princess 20 meter sport yacht with two persons onboard ran aground in Oslofjord, to the South West of Norway on the morning of 21 April.  The sport yacht sustained some important damage with all the forward part of the hull being open in the collision with the rocky surface.  The two persons onboard where reported mildly injured.  No idea how all this happened but the speculation in these kind of accidents is an autopilot running unattended. 
The Princess in this accident is a V65 Mk.II designed by since 1981 designer Bernard Olesinski.  The V65 Mk.II was based on the same first generation V65 mark one hull, with exterior and interior design changes, from a patio door closing the main deck, and a full beam owners cabin.  It also had no lower saloon on the main deck.  The Princess V65 Mk.II was powered by twin Man 1100hp standard, and or optional MTU 1200hp or Man 1360hp.  The model was replaced by the V62 in the fall of 2008.

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