April 25, 2021

Web: Mimi New Web Site

Mimi presents its new virtual web showroom.  Mimi was founded in 1975 by Salvatore Senese in Naples. The first Mimi boat was a 4.6 meter speedboat.  In recent years Salvatore's son Domenico Senese has taken over the family business who upgraded the current line, and also increased the export vocation of the brand in all Europe and Asia.  Currently Mimi produces eighteen models from five to thirteen meters, in two different ranges; Fisherman and the classic Gozzo Italian fisherman Libeccio.  The range starts from the 19 of the Fisherman range and goes up to the project of the 13.5 Libeccio flagship.  The latest Mimi models for 2021 are the Libeccio 11 Walkaround, Libeccio 9.5 Walkaround, and Libeccio 8.5 Classic.  Mimi new web site takes you around with the following buttons; Company, News, and Contact.  Mimi is also on social media with lower page buttons which take you to its Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube pages.

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