September 23, 2017

Web: Uniesse New Web Site

Italian builder Uniesse updates its website to a new platform, which coincides with a new US ownership for the brand. Founded in 1990 by the Scaburri brothers Giuseppe and Danilo in Bergamo, they started by building first the Fly line, and later on in 1996 it presented the Open range with the 48 model, this last proving a succesful decision over the years.  Come the start of the new millennium Uniesse ventures into more Italian European looks, with the presentation of the 72 MY in the year 2000, which is followed by a 55 MY and a 54 Sport in a couple of years enlarging the modern looking family.  All Uniesse models have been designed by Fred Hudson who gave a superior hull shape and a unique combination of sportfish looks and an Italian cruise touch to the lines and interior of the first generation models. In July 2017 Uniesse was purchased by SMB Investor David Schwedel and Rafael Barca, this last has been with the company since 1994 introducing the brand in the USA and representing it since then. Uniesse offers fifteen models in four different lines: Motor Yacht, Exuma, HT, and Sport.  The line currently starts with the 49 Exuma and goes up to the 115 Motor Yacht.  Of the fifteen models most are in project stages with expected updates to previous successful models of the range, and others which are completely new. Uniesse new web showroom takes you around with the following buttons; About, Models, Updates, Heritage, Store, and Contact.

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