April 5, 2017

Project: Belize 66 Sedan

Belize has just announced the latest in its line of classically-styled motor yachts, with a project for a new 66 model designed by Stephen Ford.  The new 66 builds on the heritage, first unveiled in 2011, of a luxury traditional inspired yacht that evokes the styles of a bygone era of yachting, of gleaming hand-crafted interiors and, most importantly, of individuality.  The original Belize 54 quickly attracted owners who, after many years of boating, knew exactly what they wanted and had found a marque and a team who could help them create their ultimate yacht.  Today, 25 Belize 54 are cruising international waters, from the coral reefs of Queensland to the Great Lakes and New England regions of the United States where style and tradition are part of the yachting bloodline. Owners are supported by the professional Riviera worldwide dealership and services network.  Now the Belize marque has taken the concept of a semi-custom yacht to a new level with the 66, that delivers a new sense of space, comfort and luxury and offers an unmatched level of customization and bespoke elements.  The 66 is available in Sedan or Daybridge models, with three or four cabins with a large aft utility room or optional crew quarters.  The 66 Sedan rendered above is the hard top more coupe style variant with the living all concentrated on the main deck.   Power is delivered by Volvo with IPS pod propulsion.  Three hulls have been sold, with the first being a 66 Sedan for a US client, which has started construction and has a mid 2018 delivery schedule.

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