April 9, 2017

Web: Outer Reef New Web Site

Outer Reef Yachts updates its virtual web showroom to a new version. Completely hand built and finished in Taiwan with a design and US building standards, Outer Reef Motor and Super Yachts are built to CE A category, and have semi displacement hull shapes. Most sought from Outer Reef yachts is the speed which gives a long range at a slow ten knots cruise, but also top speeds in the twenty knots region to return quickly in harbor when the weather does not look good. A much appreciated feature in all Outer Reef yachts is the semi customization which goes from the finishing to the planning of the inside meeting up with the owners wishes. Outer Reef has seen growth in recent years, helped by rise in fuel prices and an increase in semi displacement hulled yachts interests, with buyers looking more to engines with less power, and more convenient to run boats. Currently Outer Reef offers twenty models from 58 to 115 feet, divided in two ranges; Classic and Trident series. The entry level model is the 580 Motor Yacht, while the flagship is the 115 Explorer. The new Outer Reef website navigates you around with the following buttons: Models, Yachts for Sale, Media, Service, Location, About, and Contact Us.  Outer Reef is also on social media with a links at the bottom right of the entry page taking you to the; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube pages.

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