December 10, 2016

Project: Ferretti Custom Line 120

Ferretti Custom Line present the project for a 120, a new tri-deck super yacht with semi wide body planning hull.  The Custom Line 120 also marks twenty years, born 1996 as a Ferretti super yacht brand which also laid the first stepping stones for the formation of the Ferretti Group, which formed officially two years later in 1998 with the entrance of Pershing into the holding. This new Ferretti Custom Line 120 is also a first for the brand with design coming from famous Italian Milan residing Francesco Paszkowski.  This an interesting turn of events since for a first time in twenty years we are seeing a Ferretti Custom Line outside the design influence of Giovani Zuccon.  Some questions automatically come. Will the Ferretti Custom Line mark the first of a new more free designer role, or is it a one off concept by Paszkowski?  Will the Milan designer, also known for his long work for Baglietto and Sanlorenzo for a decade or more take design responsibility for Custom Line?  Only time will answer the first question, with the second possibly being replied on the sale success the Ferretti Custom Line 120 will bring.

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