December 1, 2016

blogger - Lost Difference

In recent years motor yachts are starting to look more or less all the same to what regards interior layouts, with similar lookalike concepts being applied.  From more price catcher names to those status symbol brands the distinction only comes in the quality of fittings.  
For example astern galleys are nowadays standard on all boats sub twenty meters, from Italian to French, British, American, and down under Australia.  The only brand not using the astern galley is Azimut which as at today still likes its central main deck location.  
The other loss is how all builders have abandoned internal stairs for flybridge yachts sub twenty meters.  This is interesting since many owners who own or have owned yachts with internal stairs all see the benefits of this.  Speak to any of them and see how they cannot understand why these have been stopped and today disappeared under seventy feet.  Meanwhile on sportfish yachts internal stairs are becoming increasingly popular on yachts above sixty feet.
Both the above do show a problem that not much research and design is applied in the yachting industry. Sometimes I think the system working like this; look Ferretti launched a new nineteen meter with astern galley and its selling good, while our nineteen meter is not selling much. Okay go on-board take the designer look how it is and we do a similar version to this. 

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