November 8, 2015

Project: Marlow 88 Explorer

The number 88 in the Oriental culture is considered the luckiest of all numbers. The owners of the newest model in the Marlow Explorer line up, the 88 ise indeed lucky to have benefit of all that Marlow Yachts has learned of composite and mechanical engineering.  This yacht is expected to deliver speeds in the 30 knots range with the large engine options, exceeding speed of many yachts this size despite having 20% smaller engines. This lofty goal was made possible by extensive experience in the 80 Marlows and continuing development work on underwater and superstructure drag reduction. The 88 Explorer will offer accommodation for four double cabins which include a full beam midships owners cabin.  Two cabins aft will sleep four and share a well sized shower head. Standard power comes from twin Cummins 715hp.  Long range economic runs at 8 knots will deliver runs of 4200 nautical miles.

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