July 7, 2015

Web: Baglietto New Web Site

Baglietto from Italy presents its new World wide web showroom. A legendary name of the boating and yachting World community, Baglietto founded 1854 in Varazze, by Pietro to which his surname gives the name to the brand. Pietro started as a builder of fishing boats in a small yard one hundred meters from the sea in Varazze, later on this was translated to speed boats in the early part to the middle of the nineteen hundreds, and special military boats of all genres. The early part of the twentieth century is one of various new records; in speed by Baglietto I in 1923, in height with a hydroplane in 1927, and in size with La Spina a 12 meter cruiser build 1929. In this period a lot of military boats are also build as well, from 16 and 21 meter class torpedo boats, to hydroplanes, and also hydrofoil prototypes. Baglietto also creates the MAS in its 15, 16, and 21 meters versions in the 1920s, still recognized today as superb design ingenuity. Baglietto in this period also gets commissions from places as Japan, and China to build there military boats. Baglietto will build military boats of various sizes and type for just less to ninety years, a career which apart various Italian orders includes others from Finland, Indonesia, Algeria, and United Arab Emirates. After World War II Baglietto starts the production of the wooden yacht series, with Elba, Ischia and Capri models. In the seventies and eighties Baglietto looks at aluminium to build boats, and launches the first in this material with the Nauta at 26.5 meters in 1976. In the nineties Baglietto expands its size and builds various super yachts over thirty meters and a couple of forty meters plus. Important names are the Al Fahedi in 1985 a 46 m steel build which will be the flagship up till 2006, and the Opus in 1994 a 28 meter open sport yacht which is to be the largest of its type for a couple of years. Baglietto was purchased by the Gavio Group in 2011 after a decade plus of ownership from Camuzzi. Currently Baglietto builds yachts on order with a line which starts with the timeless classic MV 13 up to the 62M Motor Yacht, with a portfolio which stands of eight super yachts currently in build. Baglietto new website is available in Italian and English language and takes you around with the following buttons; About Us, Yachts, Shipyard, Baglietto World, Contacts and Site Map. Baglietto has also its social hubs; Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube accessible at the bottom of the page. 

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