July 1, 2015

blogger - Flying Eagle

In the start of 2015 Bertram was purchased by Gavio Group, a company which in past recent years also purchased Baglietto and Cerri.  It will be interesting where Gavio will take Bertram and who the helm will be given too.  Can the flying eagle fly high again as it did in the sixties, seventies, and eighties.  
As a company Bertram at today still pays two heavy prices of its long standing history. The first came from the the luxury tax of the early nineties, the second comes from the various owners who owned the brand in the nineties.  Ferretti Group brought a certain solidity to the company in its over ten years of ownership from 1998 till 2014.  But the Italian Group failed the flying eagle in the quality department, something which was the boasting of any Bertram owner. 
Gavio is not showing his intentions yet, we have a provisional website with history and owners writing support lines to the brand, and for the most part many are asking they want the original strong indestructible Bertram back. The recent Ferretti Group project with the 60 by renowned custom sportfish yacht designer Robert Ullberg was a step in the right direction to what Bertram needs to do.

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