December 28, 2014

Project: Riva 50 MT

Riva has sold its first 50 Mt model, with steel cutting currently ongoing.  This is the second of the new generation Riva to be built in Ancona at CRN and to be constructed in a material outside fiberglass.  Riva has been in touch with small super yacht sizes of eighty plus feet in the seventies, and then made a return in these sizes in the mid nineties.  Seeing the legendary builder going above fifty with possibility of going up to one hundred meters opens new possibilities for the Riva style never before seen.  The Riva 50 Mt will be a fully custom build and should weigh around 450 tons unloaded.  The technical details does not list the design house, but by the looks of things it should be Mauro Micheli Officina Italian team.  Engines should be twin Cats 1450hp engines with max speeds of 15 knots.

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