May 12, 2014

Project: Henriques 35 Express HT

Henriques has recently showed a rendering of a new 35 Express HT. It has proved to be a successful formula for the New Jersey based builder in recent times, and after doing the transformation with the 42 last year, and the 50 Henriques seem to be doing the same on this smaller model. The 35 Express HT should be based on the layout of the standard 35 Express model with the addition of a stylish three part Hard-Top covering the pilot house. Just to give an indication the interior layout of a standard 35 Express usually features a galley to port side on entrance, L-shaped saloon opposite, and a double berth plus bunk single to fore. Anyways as far as layouts go, Henriques has shown in its story to be pretty flexible with its clients in customizing boats as requested, so bare with us that this is just an indication.

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