May 1, 2014

Andrea Pezzini 1969 - 2014

Andre Pezzini fought against a disease that has proved stronger than him, and finally he surrendered, leaving his wife and two daughters on the 30 April 2014. Along with all those who knew him. Andrea Pezzini from Viareggio, was since 2012 owner of a company specialized in the installation of sound systems. Son of Marco Pezzini who disappeared in 2012 and was founder and owner of Versilcraft since 1964.  Andrea Pezzini had since 2000 taken the helm of Versilcraft, one of the famous yacht builders from the Viareggio area. Then given the crisis of the yachting sector, he decided to completely change the field and devoted himself to the installation of sound systems and founded in 2012 together with Alessandro Breschi, the Power Sound, headquartered at the Ghivizzani in Massarosa. An activity, this, in which he was quickly established, that led him to collaborate with many in the Viareggio Carnival, providing the equipment of audio and lights for wagons. Andrea Pezzini led a very active professional life to which he was able to match an equally happy family living. Andrea was in fact married to Serena Pieracci, with whom he had two beautiful daughters: Lisa, the largest; and Virginia, the smallest.  Until just a year ago Andrea Pezzini was diagnosed with a tumor that has upset his existence, which he tried in every way to fight, and finally he had to surrender. 

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