February 6, 2014

Project: Storm X-53

Dutch builder Storm Yachts is making an important project aimed for those looking for a steel build. The Storm X-53 project will be its entry level model and has the distinguishable design lines and the profile of its larger sisters, it will also have the same Fast Displacement Hull Shape patented underwater lines that guarantees good comfortable sailing characteristics and also increase efficiency at semi dislocating speed by 15 - 20%. Storm Yachts X-53 wants to be ideal for owners who wish to sail downstream on the German Rhine in comfort without the special patent and who want to sail and explore other European waters. But who also have high demands with respect to appearance, finish and quality, according to the highest Dutch standards. The X-53 is also a maneuverable yacht, easy to control by one or two persons, and the low height clearance of 4.10 m ensures that it encounters few obstacles on it's destination.  Maximum speed range for the X-53 is up to 18 knots, with a range of 1300 nautical miles possible at cruise speeds thanks to a three thousand liter fuel tank capacity.

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