February 9, 2014

Web: Broom New Web Site

Broom Boats from the UK set up its new World wide web virtual showroom. Well known as the pure British Aft Cabin Cruisers, Broom was founded in 1898 by Charles J. Broom, who started up by building individual sailing boats on the Norfolk Broads, which by 1912 was moved into a full business operation of hire and sell. In early 1920's Broom was among the first companies to build an internal combustion engine boat, which in the thirties followed the previous sailing boats pattern into entering the hiring business. 1939 as history says was the advent of World War II with many pleasure orientated boat yards closing down its doors, but this was an opportunity for Broom which was one of the few selected by the British Navy to build Harbor Launches, Lifeboats, and Fast Tenders.  These contracts led Broom to build boats in a production environment.  The mid sixties brought fiberglass in the UK, and while many on the Broads where skeptic about this new material Martin Broom formed a company with four other partners named Aquafiber Ltd, which he acquired full interest in 1971.  Among the first models built with fiberglass for the company was the Broom 30.  Today Broom after a couple difficult years is set to look into the future, thanks to new shareholder input in 2009 and also with with the acquiring of GH Fabrications specialized in various stainless steel items for the pleasure boat industry, and second with the appointment of Graham Warren of 500 Design as designer.  Graham was previously with Fairline for the previous 23 years. The current Broom range features six models which start with a 30 Coupe, and end with a 455 flagship. Brooms new web showroom takes you around with the following buttons; Home, About Us, Range, Customization, News and Events, Pre-Owned, and Find a Dealer.  Broom also features its social media pages; Twitter and Facebook with a link at the bottom of the page.        

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