July 1, 2013

blogger - Finally

Some sense comes to those managing classes in Europe, and here I am speaking of the Italian government who finally decided to remove the owning tax on yachts up till fourteen meters, and reduce by half from 14.01 till twenty meters. 
Better late then never!
Surely this is not enough for what the Italian Yachting industry represents and how the technical government of Monti nearly destroyed and brought it down to nothing.  With the tax, ten years of knowledge and workmanship was lost. Yacht purchase should be promoted not destroyed, and not pictured as a tax evasion hobby of a few elitists, and the root of all evil.  There is so much benefits from yachting in general from the work they bring in marinas, to the building of accessories and the yachts themselves. Something which Italy was always part of. 
This is the first breath of fresh air to the Italian boat builders, those affiliated with the industry, and the boaters themselves. Lets hope as they say that the streets lead all to Rome, and that this is followed by other European counties, along with the people managing the rules at Brussels who should incentive boat buying and using as much as they can.   

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