April 21, 2013

Web: Ilver New Web Site

Ilver from Italy presents its new World wide web showroom. Ilver was founded in 1965 in Lissone, a town in the province of Monza near the city of Milan.  At first Ilver created a name for high quality small cruisers and runabouts. This was further extended in the eighties with Ilver growing over the forty feet size in this decade, and at the new millennium it presented a new 58 flagship model named Vista still at today in production.  The Vista along with the smaller Scuba where both innovative models when presented in the Genoa show of 2002 for the fact that they where the first large hard top sport yachts to have a layout with a galley up, and a lower deck reserved all for overnight cabin accommodation purposes. Today Ilver has a line of nine models starting with the since nineties produced 7.5 m Nyuma, and the 19.50 m Vista flagship.  Ilver latest model is the recent redevelopment of the much appreciated Mirable now standing two feet larger.  But in real facts this model has been produced with small stylistic changes since 1992 as 39, then it became a 41 in 1999 and again changing in 2010 to the 42 model.  In Italy the Ilver Mirable has one of the strongest resale values thanks to its timeless classic lines and three cabins interior, something still as at today hard to find in a sport cruiser around the twelve meter mark.  Ilver's new website is available in Italian, English, Russian, and Chinese language and takes you round with the following buttons; Home, Mission, Ilver, Dealers, Range, Press, and Contact.  As is custom today Ilver has also its social media pages; Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, all linked from the website. 

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