April 1, 2013

blogger - Open Yacht?

Sometimes looking at new designs first time sends always emotions running but after the news has passed over me I do like to come back to my senses and weigh up the good and the bad.  So if you go to the many boat shows one can easily see that the open sport yacht over fifty feet is for the most part in today lost.  What do I mean?
That if you like life in the open most of the offers today look like flybridge boats but have an opening hard top replacing the fly deck with not much place to enjoy life outside in the open air.  Some sport yacht have also smaller outside areas then to a comparable flybridge boat of the same length, and that is excluding the fly deck.  Is not a sport yacht meant to be a Summer using high season period boat.
Personally I am a fan of the hard top sport yacht concept but I think in recent years the market has lost balance on what an open should look and offer to the customer.  That's not to say all major builders have sold to this, and some of them quickly changed direction while others have never actually gave to it.  Still the majority of the builders is still in pursuit of creating the have everything enclosed hard top without a flybridge.  Wait, yes now a bridge although smaller is also being offered in some fifty feet plus boats.  Do not flybridge boats already offer this? 
Anyways the 2013 season is here, and in the Mediterranean sunny days are just becoming longer. Finally!

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