January 6, 2013

Web: Baja New Web Site

Baja Marine updates its World wide web showroom.. Founded in 1971 by four individuals who built the first Baja boat in an abandoned skater rink, they followed this in two years by producing a line from 16 to 20 feet speed boats, of which was the classic CT150 racing design. The seventies continued and in 1978 Baja introduced the 240 Carrera, with the Carrera SS Bowrider earning Boat of the Year by Powerboat Magazine. Shifting towards bigger and faster boats was the theme of Baja in the eighties, with the company creating milestone models as the 240 Sport and its biggest build to date the 420 Sport. The nineties and new millennium was an improvement of quality to its product. Currently Baja produces eight models from the in four ranges; Outlaw, Islander, Performance, and GT.  The line up starts with the 23 Outlaw, and goes up to the new 35 Outlaw.  The new Baja website takes you around with the following buttons; Home Models, Graphics, Find A Dealer, Available Inventory, and Elite Service.

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