January 1, 2013

blogger - End of 2012

2012 has finally arrived to its end, and this has been another difficult year for many boat builders, something ongoing since 2009.  The difference in the last three years is that you have a market segment which does better then the other for a period of time.  For my knowledge this has been a year confirming the Super Yacht growth and demand started in 2011, with huge attention to builders from Holland, also happening in medium sizes.
Some builders mostly big renowned brands are managing to over ride these ongoing storms better to others, with the main reason being an international well laid portfolio of dealers, which makes selling a production of one hundred plus boats easier then to do this in one country or continent.  Internalization of a brand has been an important key in over riding the economic crisis of the last years better to other more regional firms.
A bit sad for this because sometimes the builders with a low sometimes even custom numbers offer a high quality product, and loosing this side of the business makes it very flat.  Something similar to the auto industry which is what boat building is not about.  Countries like US, Italy, Holland, UK, and Scandinavia have a line of small, medium sized builders which always deserve high attention from any buyer.       
PowerYacht wishes all the best for 2013 to its readers, friends, and all boat builders featured here.  May the New Year bring you peace and prosperity!

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