December 28, 2011

Project: Mainship 389 Pilot

Mainship presents the project of the 389 Pilot which is a new model enhancing the success of the 34, and the 355 of the same line. The 389 is a further tweaking of the 355 with some minor modifications, but what was appreciated in this previous model, as the galley and living dining L-shaped saloon on the main deck, and all below decks are still to be found.  Main accommodation is all located below with two double cabins, a spacious head having a separate shower stall, and two lounging sofas in between.  Power is a from two engine choices from Yanmar single 380hp, or twin 220.  Propulsion is the century reliable tried and tested line shaft, with a Vee drive gear box used to add more rooms to the cabins.    

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