December 1, 2011

Over Two Hundred

It is with proudness for me to say that over two hundred Exclusive posts of Projects, or New Models have been shown on PowerYachtBlog before these are actually shown in the builders official website.  Most of these come from the builders themselves, with the remaining from friends of PowerYacht, some of them meet virtually in a forum, and others spyed by myself.  These numbers in over four years  shows how builders give importance to PowerYachtBlog. 
We have some important names supporting PowerYacht with there exclusive photos, and to add more we also feature unique articles for our sponsors i.e. advertisers like the much appreciated InBuild section. 
The exclusive articles also show how PowerYachtBlog along with other websites is a catalyst for the modern World of passing the news, which in my opinion today more then ever has replaced the classic way of how information arrives.  Meaning that always less are the days, for waiting a preview of the next generation model to await the next monthly edition of your favourite magazine. 
Yes the Internet has an advantage, that you can put a photo up in a minute, and it is all for the World to see. 

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