April 1, 2022

blogger - War in Ukraine

It seems the second decade of this millennium cannot be to peace with itself, and after a two year war with an invisible enemy, the Covid-19 Virus and its various variants, here we are in the largest conflict in European land since World War Two.

The economies of war are complicated and this time they come in a period already struggling with uncontrolled inflation, and supply disruptions as affected by Covid-19.  The boating market and the super yacht market are coming into this strong, with demand surpassing supply as it has never been seen.  

Still we have to wait what happens to this demand, with Russians today making an important part of the market of yachts above fifteen meters in size, as they do for super yacht above eighty feet.  Some builders are exposed to Russia more then others, and with all these sanctions being imposed and getting worse I cannot see how builders can really complete a sale with a Russian in the near future.  

It is difficult and strange times, and from a certain point of view beside the technology we have in our hands this war will slow down globalization and take back the World to the Cold War times.  Even if the War in Ukraine finished today, the aftermath and supply disruptions and the division on the global stage will be felt for years to come and possibly even decades. 

It is a global reset of things, but very different from to that we ever imagine, as it is one which takes us back to the past.

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