August 3, 2020

Out-News = Aicon Yacht Sinks in Isola di Cavallo

An Aicon 72 SL sport yacht titled motor yacht Regis with Italian flag sank outside of Isola di Cavallo, an island on the South East coast of Corsica, the late morning of third August,  The sport yacht hit one of the submerged unmarked reefs in the area close to Cala Zerri, while running a charter with eleven people a captain and a crew onboard. The area between Cavallo and Levezzi is famous for unmarked semi submerged reefs.  Regis hit a reef outside of Cala Zerri with the propeller and P-bracket which pierced a hole in the aft part in the hull of the 22 meter Aicon Sport Yacht which started to take on water and sink.  The sport yacht sank in eighteen meters though it was still partly floating, with the stern touching the bottom of the sea and tip of the bow showing as of late afternoon of the same day.  The eleven passengers crew and captain onboard are all reported safe with no injuries.
The Aicon 72 S was produced from 2005 till 2012 and was part of the expansion of the Sicilian, Messina region located boat builder, which had great success in the early first decade of the second millennium, up until the 2009 global recession.  In 2001 Aicon presented itself with the Fulvio de Simoni designed 56, a model it delivered in over one hundred units up until 2009, and was a catalyst for more models, expansion and growth.  The Aicon 72 S had a fully enclosed hard-top, with living on the main deck and three cabins, or optional SL four guest cabins layout version.  Power came from standard twin Cats 1320hp or optional 1550hp engines with line shaft propulsion, and top speeds of  35 knots and 38 knots respectively.  After going bankrupt in 2012 Aicon has in 2018 been bought by an American investor and has started production for a new 66 model set to launch late in 2020.

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