July 12, 2020

Web: Ferretti New Web Site

Ferretti Yachts presents its new World wide web virtual showroom.  Ferretti started up in 1968 with brothers Norberto and Alessandro expanding their car dealership company into boat and yacht selling, with Chris Craft, Italcraft, and San Lorenzo brands.  Three years after this in 1971 Ferretti build their first boat a ten meter motor sailor designed by Franchini, and build of wood.  In 1979 they build the first motor boat, the Altura 38 model with design coming from Fabio Buzzi, and later coming out in various variants from Estate the open version to Fly for flybridge.  After a total of twelve models from the nine meter Meneghino to the nineteen meter Altura 61 the last Ferretti sail boat was build in 1988, and showed the innovation with the company being a pioneer in the raised saloon style, and today having a following in the used brokerage market.  After a total switch from sail to power the scope of the marque for innovation, quality and bigger boats takes a new step and in 1987 Ferretti builds its first boat over fifty feet with the 52 Altura model, and in 1997 also presents its first super yacht over eighty feet with the 80 model.  An important step for Ferretti was also made in 1990 when Rome designer Giovanni Zuccon takes over from Pusceddu, his first design being the 54 model later renamed to 175 Fly and 60 produced till 1997.  From there onward Ferretti and Zuccon worked together non stop since 2017 with all the new models of the Forli company designed by the renowned Italian designer.  From 2018 onward the new Ferretti designer is Filippo Salvetti who has designed the latest new four models; 670, 720, 500 and 1000.  In 1996 Ferretti founded Ferretti Custom Line, as a line with its aim of building bigger super yachts outside the Forli and Cattolica factories, with the first model the 94 launching in 1998.  The largest Ferretti build will be the 1000, to be launched this year, while under the Ferretti Custom Line the flagship is the Navetta 42. The Ferretti Custom Line was the catalyst for the company to form Ferretti Group from 1998 onward which today features eight very important and signature buy distinctive Italian brands.  Ferretti innovative spirit has always been part of its DNA and over the years the Italian brand has made important World firsts which have changed motor boating not only to the Italian company but also to all the boating World.  One of the most important strike of genius was the extended integrated bathing platform idle for tender storage first shown in 1985 on the 49 Altura, before this it was the folding up patio door window system which fully connected exterior and interior main decks, then we have the Anti Rolling Gyro developed in collaboration with Mitsubishi in 2004, and in 2005 Ferretti also pioneered the astern galley in the 630 model a feature which everyone cannot stop on copying today.  Ferretti also competed in offshore racing winning the top Class One tier World championship in 1994 and 1997, and European title in 1995 and 1997 with Norberto Ferretti at the helm.  Ferretti currently produces nine models from the entry level new 500, with the flagship being the soon to launch 1000 thirty meter super yacht.  Ferretti new web site is available in American, Italian, and Chinese language and takes you around with the following buttons; Fleet, Philosophy, News and Events, Customer Care, Dealer and Service Network, Contacts, and Pre-Owned.  Ferretti is also on social media on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, Pintrest, and Twitter with a link to these available at the bottom of the page.   

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