June 13, 2019

Project: Vanquish VQ40

Powering ahead with innovations that revolutionize the motorboat industry, Vanquish present the project for a new VQ40. This new Vanqish project embodies sport cruiser / runabout / walk-around boat blends together premium Dutch artisan-ship with Bakewell-White’s potent stepped hull and Guido de Groot’s exquisite exterior profile to create a true drivers boat.  Vanquish has already gained a massive fan base for its bespoke aluminium powerboats, which are being ordered worldwide by clients in ever larger versions. But size isn’t everything and the VQ40 will be built in high-quality composite to meet an equally strong demand for Vanquish yachts under 45 feet. Leveraging on the yard’s experience with composite on the successful VQ16 water scooter, Vanquish will be able to create more VQ40s in a shorter time frame, further boosting the brand’s global visibility.  The renderings of the VQ40 already quicken the heart. They also illustrate the remarkable time and effort which has gone into ensuring that all the assets that make a Vanquish unique have been included in this stunning new speed machine.  The stepped hull was designed by the award-winning naval architects at Bakewell-White Yacht Design, specialists in high-performance hulls from New Zealand. Their work on the VQ40 has helped ensure an unrivaled acceleration and a boat that excels in terms of wave riding skills and maneuverability. The rest of the exceptionally cool exterior design is from the drawing boards of Guido de Groot who has poured elegance and resolve into this latest member of the fleet, giving the VQ40 that instantly recognizable Vanquish flair.  A key consideration in the development of the VQ40 was the wide range of different clients that Vanquish serves. The boat is therefore exceptionally multi functional and can be equipped with a wide selection of engines.  The standard inboard propulsion setup consists of twin 320hp Volvo D4 diesels with stern drives and a maximum speed of 40 knots. Clients can also opt for twin 440 hp Volvo D6 engines to increase their top speed to 46 knots. Choices for the outboard version with the Mercury range from twin 225hp speed of 35 knots, to a triple 350hp set up which takes you up to 51 knots.  Last but not least Vanquish also follows this new VQ40 with the Veloce version here with triple 400hp which allow for speeds up to 54 knots.  The layout of the VQ40 offers a wealth of space, with seats and loungers for fourteen people and plenty of room to walk around safely and comfortably. In addition, the boat is fitted with a stylish, transparent T-Top that lets in air but not heat.  There are lounge areas fore and aft, each furnished with extremely comfortable and high-quality cushions. Behind the driver and co-pilot seats is a smart outdoor-galley area, complete with electric grill, Corian countertop, sinks, hot and cold water, wine cooler/fridge and storage lockers. The snazzy area below decks includes a double bed, shower and toilet.

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