September 15, 2016

Project: Marex 310 Sun Cruiser

Marex continue to upgrade its smart looking hard top sport cruiser range and presents the project for a new 310 Sun Cruiser.  This new project has very similar looks to Marex current 375 model flagship with the main difference being that it is not a fully enclosed hard top model, meaning that it is open at the back.  The 310 Sun Cruiser also features a galley down layout in between the two cabins.  With the 310 Sun Cruiser Marex return to a single engine installation a philosophy it has embraced on most of its models minus the new 375 flagship.  The hard-top of the 310 is of a fully extended design covering most of the cockpit deck, with built in integrated solar panels.  Standard power is Volvo 300hp single engine unit with V-drive line shaft propulsion and estimated max speeds of 31 knots.


  1. Does the solar panel and inverter option provide 240v electrical outlets in the kitchen or staterooms? And is the inverter capable of powering any air conditioning unit?

  2. I would say no. In this case the solar panel serve to charge the batteries. The inverter especially in a boat this size is used for small appliances as TV mobile chargers etc. Also an inverter does eat the battery life unless you have a lot of battery power. An AC consumption is usually about 4 amp for an 8000 btu.