September 1, 2016

blogger - Sophisticated

With boats turning out to be always more sophisticated to previous years it is interesting to see if small and medium capacity boat builders can cope with such a more demanding market.  Are niche clients still existent to support such boat builders as in the past. The answer is a timely one, but we are surely entering challenging times for small capacity known brands with the market again slowly expanding and trying to find its feet again as it was more or less a decade ago.
Now that the market is again growing to acceptable levels some names will return, others will be producing more from a couple builds to double digits, and the strong international brands those who invested in Research and Design have for sure a step ahead.  
Few years back the big production builder had the perfection which number and repeated build brings.  The others usually got clients for respecting tradition, customization, hand building and a boat build for going at sea even though not spacious as the known by everyone production builder. Examples still following this come from the Sportfishing and Explorer Trawler style type, even though this last one is getting some of the strong European builders creating a new modern style.  
On the other side of the boating World, the European Mediterranean yacht has since the Dolce Vita time of the sixties, reinvented itself, and gaining more speed in the turn of the new millennium, with details as full beam owners cabin, pod propulsion, large endless windows, and higher hulls being a standard recipy nowadays to bring interest even at around or over the fifteen meters size.
So it will be interesting how small semi sized builders will react when the market that they knew past six-seven years ago has changed a lot

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