December 6, 2015

Project: Baglietto 48m Displacement

Baglietto is going through very exciting times: after the launch of the 46m, MV13, and a 43m the Italian boat builder is now announcing a new work order for a 48m vessel to a Mexican Owner.  This latter project too, which is the evolution of the 46m displacement model, will be signed by Francesco Paszkowski Design and will draw inspiration from the traditional stylish features of Baglietto displacement yachts. It is expected to be delivered in 2017. This new build is indeed marking Baglietto’s entrance into the Central American market, which has already showed great interest for the La Spezia based brand. Besides the 43m model launched last July 25th, by the end of this year Baglietto will also launch a new Fast 46m vessel. The planing range will be completed by an entry-level model, 38 meters in length. Entirely designed by Francesco Paszkowski Design too, the displacement range will include, besides the 48m, a 54m to be launched by the end of this year, a new 43m and a 55m, whose construction was recently started, as well as the projects for a 58m and a 62m.  These two lines, which represent Baglietto's core business, are sharing the spotlight with the MV range; a modern reinterpretation of historical underwater assault vehicles with the introduction of the MV19, the larger sister of the MV13, whose first hull, the LAP-1, was recently delivered to its renowned owner, Lapo Elkann.

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