December 22, 2015

Project: Galeon 510 Skydeck

Sharing the hull with the fall 2015 launched 500 Fly, the 510 Skydeck will offer amazing amount of space on all decks, a staple of all Galeon third generation yachts. With broad windows all around, and transformation bulkheads aft and to the sides, passengers will enjoy a unique atmosphere on the main deck.  What sets the 510 Skydeck model apart from the Fly is the ability to combine the advantages of having a top deck with the distinct, sporty look of a hardtop. Consider the 510 Skydeck as a hybrid sport motor yacht.  The Galeon 510 Skydeck will also feature a full-sized sunroof over the helm and an automatic soft roof to cover the deck when necessary.   

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