December 1, 2015

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2015 comes closer to its end, and while a growth in the nautical industry versus 2014 continues, we are very far away from the golden years. To put it softly it is possible that in some national markets the golden years will take a lot of time returning.  
Motor boating in general has gone very upmarket in recent years.  We are seeing nowadays prices of twelve meters plus having a  fifty per cent increase to those of 2010.  Unfortunately it seems that motor boat builders and to some extent buyers as well, cannot take the competitive vision the sailing community has, with the luxury part being only a small percentage. On the other part the famous motor boating brands nowadays seem to have the price only a bit short of what a custom or more exclusive builder usually charges.  That is very different how it was in the start of the new millennium.  
Exceptions though exist, to name a few names French giant Beneteau, Bavaria motor boat section, and Cranchi.  All these are competitive in the price part offering; the term is surely more feet for less cash and they have been very successful sub fifty feet.  Over this size there is a certain brand building which they cannot over come as yet.  Luxury is part of the package and becomes important as much as the price.  But it will be interesting in the near years to see if this is the time, to do the that extra step.     

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