November 12, 2015

Project: Bertram 35

It's been one of the most awaited news since the beginning of 2015, when the Gavio Group, who also owns Baglietto and Cerri acquired the Bertram brand.  What was Gavio going to do with the company?  At first came a press release that the only interest Gavio has is to return Bertram into the echelons of sport-fishing.  It was a waiting time and after months asking questions, here comes the answer from Bertram, Gavio, and designer Micheal Peters.  This team made an unsuspecting choice of recreating the legend of Bertram and re-offer the 31 into a new 35 format.  Yes that 31 which sold over one thousand units in a production run of twenty or so years, and a classic boat since its launch. From a certain point of view it was a very interesting choice, and also a challenging one at that.  Today unlike the pioneering days of the 31, this size market is mostly dominated by fast triple or quadruple powered center consoles. But this some might say could also be a blessing in disguise, since the Bertram 35 which currently is under construction at Lynn Morse will have not much competition.  Design wise infect its main competitor will only be the Ocean Yachts 37 Billfish. It will be interesting times, and wishing Bertram the best of returns, since without this name, there is a missing protagonist not only in sportfishing but all the motor boating industry. 

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