April 1, 2014

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Its been a stable market in the last year or so, and the large super yacht market of eighty feet plus is seeing again growth with important orders coming in at various yards around the World on a weekly basis. Still the sub eighty feet market is still struggling, and has been far away from it glorious days of more or less a decade ago. To make matters for boat builders more difficult buyers in this size between fifty and eighty feet are spoiled for choice, with a lot of hardly used boats being a huge discount from a new boat price.
This being said I ask if is it time for production boat builders to re-look at themselves in this size. For example if you go buy a new car today which costs thousands, a customer has on order a lot of options coming from the standard lists. Go to order a boat which costs hundreds of thousands, and takes months to build and be delivered and even if you request a color change on the hull this will be an important option with a price increase. Some production builders will also say that this cannot be done.
If boat builders want to make a return to more new boat clients in this important large size they should have basic options as standard; color changes in normal colors, wood trim choices should not be on the price up list menu. A standard color change in many new builds does not change much of the production procedure, and even wood trim choices if made onto a plan would not affect much.

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