November 3, 2013

Web: Carver New Web Site

Carver yachts from the US presents its new virtual World wide web showroom.  Carver started off in 1954 with Charlie Carter and George Verhagen beginning to build mahogany planked high speed runabouts.  In 1956 the two boat builders move to Pulaski, Wisconsin expanding the line up also to include larger cabin cruisers.  Carver switched to fiberglass construction in 1970 starting up with the successful run of the 32 Mariner model.  Carver expanded significantly in the US and Great Lakes area in the eighties, which was followed by uprising sales in the rest of the World.  In 1991 Carver was acquired by the Genmar Group.  Carver made numerous technical breakups in the nineties, one also of being among the first builders to use frame less windows on its cruisers.  In 2000 the largest Carver 57 Voyager Pilothouse was built.  In 2003 Carver and its parent Genmar company bought boat building facilities in Fano along with the Mochi 19 Sonic moulds and re branded this model as the Nuvari 63.  These will later be sold to Dominator, but this actually started the collaboration with Italian designers Nuvolari Lenard, and the Marquis brand creation also in 2003.  Currently Carver builds five models which start with the early 2013 launched C34 up to the 54 Voyager flagship, while its latest model is the just presented C40.  Carver Yachts new website takes you around with the following buttons; Home, Company, Yachts, Dealer, Service, Forum, Video, Clothing, and Contact.  The new web site also features links to the companies social hubs; Facebook, Forum, and Youtube page.

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