March 13, 2022

Web: Grand Banks New Web Site

Grand Banks unveils a new World wide web virtual showroom site. Grand Banks started operation in 1956 as American Marine Limited founded by Robert J. Newton and sons John and Whit in Honk Kong. But the start was not about a trawler yacht, as its first jobs it built custom Sparkman and Stephens, William Gardner, Nat Herreshoff, and Ray Hunt designed sailing yachts. In 1962 the Newton's commissioned Kenneth Smith a 36 feet humble cruising boat with workman like looks, which will be named Spray. This 36 Classic was a turn around for the Newton's and with it came a change from building custom sailing yachts to this traditional looking explorer cruiser.  Launched in 1964 the 36 Classic was produced till 2004 and was followed in the same year by a smaller 32 Sedan, with this series taking the name of Heritage and totalling 22 models in a production run which lasted till 2016 and included a one off 80 model launched in 1975. In 1973 Grand Banks also started its move to fiberglass construction. 1993 marks an important move to Grand Banks launching the Eastbay series designed by previous collaborator Ray Hunt, and inspired to the Down East lobster boats. The Eastbay started with the 38 EX and up till today it has totalled sixteen models, including the current 44 launched in 2016 and upcoming 60 model. In 2001 the Aleutian larger yacht series was introduced with the 64, and in fourteen years it featured seven different models from the 2010 two year produced 53 to the 76 RP produced 2010 till 2012. In 2014 Grand Banks started a new path when it bought out Palm Beach motor yachts and CEO Mark Richards took over the helm.  After Mark Richards took over he changed the traditional GB explorer line, and reinvented it with V-warp hull shape, and redefined exterior looks, starting all this with the GB60 launched in 2017.  Currently Grand Banks produces five models in two range Eastbay and and the reinvented explorer GB line. The Grand Banks line starts with the EB44, and goes up to the recently launched largest GB ever made the GB85, while its newest model is the still in project Eastbay 60 announced in 2022.  Grand Banks new web site takes you around with the following buttons; About Us, Models, Advantage, Purchase, and Connect. Grand Banks is also on social media with buttons on the bottom of the page taking you to its; Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram pages.

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