September 26, 2011

Project: Itama 62

Itama presents the project for the 62, a model which will replace and is a further evolution of both the FiftyFive and Sixty.  Designed by Marco Casali the 62 rendering shows a following to the changes found in the new 45.  That is a  light slanting stern aft, and new big view windows on the hull side, serving the cabins, lower saloon, and galley.  The interior should remain the same or similar, although Itama is stating a light modification to the three cabins, and to the shower heads, this increasing more space.  The exterior of the 62 keeps its function as a luxury saloon in the open air dedicated to the maximum living and full contact with the sea.  Power to this twenty degrees deep Vee hull sport yacht will be for twin MAN 1100hp standard, or optional 1360 engines.  Speeds are for a max of 40 knots with the optional large choice.

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